Since its founding, ADDCOMP has maintained its focus on the development and delivery of additive solutions for thermoplastics. In little more than a decade, we have reshaped the way our customers value additive systems.

July 4, 2016

ALTANA AG Acquires Addcomp, Expanding BYK Additives & Instruments Division
K 2016 
BYK-Chemie GmbH: Hall 5 / E17
October 19 - October 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany
ADDCOMP Corporate Literature

Breadth of experience and depth of understanding

ADDCOMP has designed custom solutions for a broad range of manufacturers, compounders, and converters of polyolefins, polyesters, polystyrenes, and polyamides. Drawing on our engineering resources and expertise, we offer a portfolio of core products based on some of the most sophisticated technologies in the industry.

Enhancing performance and improving production

Our characteristic approach
to one­-pack additive solutions engenders innovation in
our customers’ products, including performance gains, manufacturing efficiencies,
and reductions in total system costs.

True partnership with our customers

The vast majority of our additive formulations have
been developed for a specific application at a single customer. This degree of customer intimacy helps our customers improve their competitive positions, shorten time­-to-­market, and lower development costs.