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Coupling Agents and Compatibilizers

PRIEX Compatibilizers and Coupling Agents

Under the PRIEX® brand, ADDCOMP produces a group of innovative resins and ionomers that provide excellent service as coupling agents, as compatibilizers, and in improving the mechanical properties of a variety of thermoplastics.

Coupling agents

PRIEX coupling agents feature a functional group of maleic anhydride (MAH) grafted onto a polyolefin backbone. Their use enhances the strength of composites by bonding the polyolefin matrix to the reinforcing strands, increasing both tensile and impact strength.

PRIEX products feature high ratios of grafted-to-free MAH — typically less than 150 ppm, and frequently less than 50 ppm. Such exceptional purity means that very high levels of adhesion can be achieved with low concentrations of free maleic anhydride, making PRIEX products effective at low dosing levels. This efficiency can result in low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while exhibiting very little odor and providing excellent color compatibility.

Compatibilizers and property improvers

PRIEX compatibilizers can provide additional environmental benefits by simplifying the recycling of dissimilar thermoplastic materials present in a waste stream. PRIEX ionomers can improve the mechanical properties of a range of thermoplastic materials, including tensile strength, impact resistance, stiffness, and heat-deflection temperatures.

The current ADDCOMP product portfolio includes:

Our helpful Product Selector can guide you to the ADDCOMP additive solution that is best suited to your specific application, market, polymer, and processing method.

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