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The use of thermoplastics in both rigid and flexible packaging will continue to grow as long as the performance profiles and economics of these materials trend in a positive direction. The development of reusable plastic crates, pallets, and dunnage will depend on their ability to protect themselves as well as their contents in service.

For flexible films, environmental and cost considerations will encourage downgauging, placing new demands on additive technologies to address issues of strength, clarity, and barrier performance. Multiple conversion processes for both hard and soft applications will benefit from aids to processing and handling.

ADDCOMP has a portfolio of additive solutions to address each of the performance and processing issues facing polypropylene or polyethylene materials in this valuable and growing segment. We can also design and deliver multiple additive technologies economically packaged in a masterbatch solution:

Discover how ADDCOMP can help you wrap up a greater share of the flexible or rigid packaging market, with additive solutions for a wide variety of important applications:

Additional information is also available as follows:

Contact us to discuss these or any other innovative application for this growing business sector.


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