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Materials Markets

ADDCOMP produces additive solutions for a wide variety of thermoplastic materials, including polyethylenes (PE), polypropylenes (PP), and polyamides (PA).

We have developed standard additive packages that can help compounders enhance the performance and simplify the production of their materials. We can work with converters to provide proprietary additive solutions for in-line compounding.

Additive solutions from ADDCOMP can be delivered in the form of powders, compacts, or masterbatches. Packages can include custom colors or standard blacks. Our particular expertise in compounding low-melting-point components can improve precision in batch production, while reducing plant maintenance and associated costs. And our exclusive line of PRIEX® coupling agents can improve the performance of thermoplastics reinforced with a wide selection of glass or natural fibers.

Choose an individual additive from the full list of ADDCOMP products:

Additional information is also available as follows:

Or, contact us for information on combining properties or developing a custom additive solution for your specific material requirements.


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