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Energy Markets

A number of production processes are facilitating the use of thermoplastics in applications for the electrical industry. Extrusion of flexible materials has long been a staple for wire insulation and cable jacketing. Now rigid profiles are finding acceptance as conduit for data cabling.

Extruded thermoplastic sheet, reinforced with glass or other fibers, can be thermoformed into access panels or complete exterior enclosures. Injection molded connector blocks can achieve high levels of dimensional stability with glass-fiber reinforcement.

Regardless of the means of manufacture, heat and flame performance are critical for electrical components designed for indoor operation. Outdoor applications add weatherability to the list. For various commercial or residential components, color can be important for cosmetic or commercial considerations.

ADDCOMP has developed a range of additive solutions that address the matrix of regulatory and environmental factors important to the electrical sector:

Additive packages for a growing number of electrical applications can be delivered off-the-shelf, or developed exclusively and confidentially to meet a specific market opportunity. Our products can be provided in a form suitable to any production process — as compacts, for example, or fully compounded as a masterbatch in an appropriate thermoplastic matrix.

Additional information is also available as follows:

Contact us to talk about ordering or innovating an additive solution — either to enhance a product's performance or to elevate your company's profile.


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