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The use of thermoplastics has the potential to offer increasing value to the appliance industry. Structural applications benefit from the use of materials reinforced by glass or natural fibers. Advances in molding technologies provide greater precision and simplified assembly of mechanical components. Integral color and part consolidation, afforded by the use of thermoplastics in cosmetic appointments, can reduce costs. Processing aids can improve the quality and performance of extruded seals.

ADDCOMP is already producing additive solutions for the polyolefin and polyamide materials that are driving the growing interest in plastics among appliance manufacturers. And the company is at work on improving the next generation of resins for this vibrant market segment. We have the capabilities to work with designers and converters to meet a wide variety of individual performance or appearance requirements. Or we can provide multiple functionalities in a single solution or masterbatch:

Let ADDCOMP assist you in advancing both the style and substance of your products. We can help you design and produce the looks and the longevity your customers will appreciate:

Additional information is also available as follows:

Contact us to talk about the supply or development of innovative additive solutions for the dynamic appliance market.


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